Anna Faris is glad she no longer has to strip off in films.

The 'Scary Movie' actress admits most of the scripts she was sent in her early career called for some kind of nudity and although she was never prudish about showing off her body she is glad she has left those roles behind.

Anna - who is married to 'Moneyball' actor Chris Pratt - told the Metro newspaper: ''The roles are getting better. I'm grateful I don't have to be chasing a guy in my underwear. In my 20s, it felt like there was a point in every script where it said, 'As she slowly unbuttons her blouse.'

Anna - who stars in her own TV show 'Mom' - admits she was ''competitive'' and ''insecure'' as a young actress starting off in Hollywood.

However, since having her 14-month-old son Jack she insists she's a lot less hung up about her career.

The blonde beauty - who is reprising her role as Sam Sparks in the animated sequel 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2' - said: ''I feel like I was in a panic in my 20s. I was competitive and insecure and I took rejection harder. Having a baby makes your priorities shift. I'm feeling very fortunate and happy.''