Anna Chlumsky, the child-star actress who rose to fame playing the lead role in the 1991 movie 'My Girl' opposite Macauley Culkin, wowed the crowds at the premiere for her new HBO comedy 'Veep' in New York on Tuesday (April 10, 2012).
The actress - now 31-years-old - appeared almost unrecognizable in a sleek black gown with straight hair. Since playing 'Vada' in My Girl in the early 1990's, Anna has kept things quiet on the entertainment front. She joined publisher HaperCollins and began working as a science fiction and fantasy editor. It was there she met a psychic who convinced her she should begin acting again, telling Slate, "I was crying on my lunch break, and a psychic was handing out her pamphlets, and she said, 'Excuse me I have a question.' And I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, get away from me.' But she followed me and poked me on the shoulder and said, 'Are you the girl from My Girl?".
Veep is a new comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale, based on the award-winning British sitcom The Thick Of It. Chlumsky has already begun working on a new movie project - the romantic comedy 'Sam', starring CHRIS KLEIN.