Slumdog Millionaire star Anil Kapoor missed out on a role in Inception but has a terrific tale about his trip to the audition - and landed his favourite director's autograph.
The Indian star was thrilled when Christopher Nolan agreed to meet with him to discuss the role of Yusuf in the movie, but he had to use his Bollywood success to make it to the audition on time after his assistant's in-car global positioning system failed and they found themselves lost in Los Angeles.
He recalls, "I had only 10 minutes... Suddenly I saw an Indian taxi driver... I waved down the taxi driver and I said in Hindi, 'I am Anil Kapoor, the actor from India. Please take me to this place.' I left Brittany (assistant) there.
"I did not get the role, but I was on time. And I got the autograph... I wanted him (Nolan) to sign my Dvd of Batman."
Dileep Rao eventually landed the role of Yusuf.