Angus Young has hundreds of AC/DC song ideas he wrote with his late brother Malcolm.

The 'Back In Black' rocker - who co-founded the iconic band alongside his sibling in 1973 - has opened up about the extensive songwriting he and Malcolm did together, before he sadly died in 2017 following a three-year battle with dementia.

He told Guitar World magazine: "I have lots of ideas the two of us worked on pretty much through the years. Even when we were in studios and recording rooms there were always ideas that we would put down.

"It's just something where, the two of us together, we always seemed to be playing back and forth and coming up with stuff. From the beginning that was always part of us.

"You get an idea and if you have a tape recorder you try and put it down. And if you haven't got a tape recorder you do your best to try and remember it.

"But then with Malcolm and myself would get together it would be a case of rolling through the ideas and seeing what we believed was material for AC/DC.

"And the material you're hearing is stuff we did that was always for AC/DC. We would try to separate what we had. You know, we could have 100 things, and out of that hundred here are 20 good, strong AC/DC ideas. And we put them to the side."

The iconic guitarist couldn't put on exact number on the amount of material they worked on, but he admitted there are "boxes full of stuff".

He teased: "If I had to estimate? That'd be hard. But all I can say is I've got boxes full of stuff the two of us have done over the days."

Malcolm left the band in 2014, which left Angus as the only remaining founding member - and he has no intention of stopping.

He said: "Well, I've been doing this most of my life, since I was in my teens. So it's very hard to think of something other than that when it comes to making music.

"I've always said if I do anything music-wise, I can only do it the AC/DC way. Even if I wasn't in AC/DC, I think it would probably still sound like AC/DC."