Review of Down The Way Album by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone are a sibling's duo from Newport, not Newport South Wales but Newport, Sydney, Australia. After both going solo in around 2006 they decided to collaborate and create music as a duo, and obviously it is safe to say that the pair haven't looked back since.

Angus & Julia Stone Down The Way Album

Now In 2010 Angus & Julia Stone are set to release 'Down The Way' which is only their second studio album. They seemed to prefer releasing EPs rather than full length albums, which could mean they are a bit wary of what they release.

Once the first chord is played it's like magic, but you can tell that this album is more like a concept album. The way that everything seems to be intricately placed, every piece of music, every lyric is there for a reason. 'Hold On' is like the most complex puzzle, should you ever decide to decipher it.

'For You' is a total change, yes it is Julia on vocal but this time it sounds more like Bjork is singing, a heartfelt track on which you can feel the intensity in Julia's vocals. So by the forth song 'Big Jet Plane' Angus takes the vocals and now you decide that you are a betting person and put a hefty amount of cash that Julia will take mic for the next one. As we are teased with the chords of an acoustic guitar, we are waiting and waiting like a contestant on X Factor to find out our fate, but then it's female vocals. 'Santa Monica Dream' is a perfect piece of tranquillity exposed to the elements of just pure vocal and an acoustic guitar.

Now though the interest is in Angus and if he will be the one on main vocals next time round. AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH, that's right Angus is on the vocals. 'Yellow Brick Road' starts off a little slow but then breaks off with some great solo guitar playing, something like Santana. At this point 'Down The Way' starts to get interesting.

Angus & Julia have put together a good album, alright the alternating of the vocals was a bit annoying but, hey, that's being a little bit too picky, the sad fact of the matter is that this will never make the main stream. Not that this is a point the band will worry about but it's sad that just the facts are they won't get the deserved recognition.


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