It's just over two months until Disney's Maleficent is released and we get to experience the story of Angelina Jolie's wicked villainess told in a compelling new way. Ever since the movie was first announced, the big tease has been Jolie's costume and director Robert Stromberg and his team haven't disappointed. Black horns, fiery eyes, chilling cheekbones and blood red lips all give Jolie's dark fairy maximum impact on screen.

Angelina Jolie Maleficent
Angelina Jolie Is An Image Of Pure & Unbridled Evil In 'Maleficent.'

In a new promotional banner, we see Maleficent with her mighty pair of black raven-esque wings unfurled as she glowers menacingly. Having watched the trailer, we have already learned that Jolie will be using an English accent in the upcoming fantasy film and that the movie will at least in part follow the traditional Sleeping Beauty tale that Disney first adapted in 1959.

The trailer uses scenes from the fifties animation as we're told "Behind the kiss, behind the magic, behind the legend of Sleeping Beauty, lies the story of Maleficent," by a narrator before the film delves into the untold story of Princess Aurora's evil foe. The fabled sleeping princess is played by Elle Fanning, who will also be using an English accent.

The movie will attempt to shine a light on the dark life on Disney's most intriguing villainess, who dubs herself "the mistress of all evil." We'll take a trip back in time to when she was a good-hearted young woman whose life takes a drastic turn when her peaceful forest kingdom is invaded by an army and her wings are stolen.

From that moment onwards, Maleficent becomes driven by revenge leading her to curse the daughter of the invading human king's successor, Aurora, and setting in motion the events that will lead to the fateful finger prick and the eternal sleep. The trailer shows us Maleficent weaving her giant hedge of thorns around the castle as she sends ominous green plumes from her witchy fingertips and attempts to seal the princess' fate.

As well as providing a thrilling backdrop to the well-known fairytale, Maleficent will set sail a new story of heartbreak and revenge played out with stunning CGI effects and a truly spectacular wardrobe. Maleficent will be released on the 30th May.

It's not just us: Angelina Jolie terrified her son, Pax, when she was in her full Maleficent costume.

Lana Del Rey provided the soundtrack song 'One Upon A Dream' for 'Maleficent' - listen here.

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