Movie star Angelina Jolie is planning to take time out and learn how to cook up insect treats for her and her baby son MADDOX after eating cockroaches and crickets in Cambodia.

The eccentric actress has developed an odd taste for the creepy crawlies the rest of us normally crush underfoot, and now she wants to take a course in insect cuisine.

She says, "I've eaten cockroaches and bee larvae and crickets. You buy them off the side of the road in these little carts in Cambodia and there's just a stack of cockroaches, and a stack of crickets.

"You can get them with the peanuts inside. With the guts or with the peanuts. I do like them.

"They're meaty, cockroaches. It's a high protein snack food.

"I'm planning on learning how to cook them when I'm living in Cambodia. They also have spider soup there."

20/07/2003 14:00