The adoption agency used by actress Angelina Jolie has been forced to shut amid accusations it 'bought' orphans from poverty-stricken parents.

American investigators say many of the Cambodian children sold by SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL ADOPTIONS had living parents so poverty-stricken they were sold for just $100 (GBP60). Many of the wealthy clients of the adoption agency were told that the children had no mother or father.

Agency owner, LYNN DEVIN of Seattle, Washington State pleaded guilty in an American court last week (ends19DEC03) to conspiring to falsely represent children as orphans.

Oscar-winning Jolie, fell in love with Cambodia whilst filming Tomb Raider there in 2000. She subsequently adopted two-year-old son MADDOX and is planning to give a home to a second Cambodian child.

Jolie recently said, "I am beginning the adoption process again. When Maddox starts school will probably be the best time.

"If I have a baby that would be one less child that I was taking out of an orphanage, and that would haunt me."

21/12/2003 14:51