Never mind those Angelina Jolie pregnancy rumours, we’re still reeling from the fact that the Hollywood actress feeds her kid on fried insects. What’s more – they seem to like it! According to E! Online, who spoke to Ange during a recent Louis Vuitton photoshoot, the kids got a taste for the bizarre delicacy when they were in Cambodia – the country where they adopted their son Maddox, now nine.

When they were travelling in Cambodia, Angelina made sure that her kids were exposed to the country’s cultures and that included their food, which we in the Western world might consider slightly unusual. “My boys love to eat crickets. It's their favorite thing. They ate them like Doritos." In fact, the boys liked the crickets so much that Jolie was worried they were over-indulging slightly. “I had to actually ban the cricket eating at some point, because I was afraid they were gonna get sick from too many… But they're good—they are like a potato chip." Angelina makes sure that she has a go at eating the exotic food but admits that she struggles with the notion of eating tarantulas. “I don’t know if I can get around the fur. But you gotta try everything.”

Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt seem to do a pretty good job of involving their children in their own, adult lives. Young Vivienne, now four, is set to feature alongside her mother in new movie Malificent. The movie’s due for release in July next year. 

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