Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haven’t really been a staple at award shows recently, but when they do attend, they make it memorable. After spending Valentine’s apart, Hollywood’s power couple reunited in London on Saturday to attend tonight’s BAFTA ceremony. The couple showed up in matching tuxedos and walked the slightly terrifying red carpet in style and with big smiles on their faces, so kudos for surviving.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt
After Angelina's ordeal, the power couple pulled off another flawless red carpet.

And they weren’t the only one. Leonardo Dicaprio – an ever-present fixture at award show red carpets was also there, slightly scruffier than usual. And thank goodness he was – his absence might have resulted in some confusion, given that Leo is one of the most reliable attendees at most award shows these days Emma Thompson gave one last glorious bow at her final award show of the season.

Thompson won’t be at the Oscars, but her memorable entrance – the actress/writer/generally cool human knows how to own a red carped, despite the uncomfortable heels – will keep her seat warm despite her absence. Plus, unlike at the BAFTAs, Jennifer Lawrence should be able to attend the Academy Awards and her appearance is bound to be thoroughly entertaining. More updates on who won, who lost and the inevitable gaffe or two from tonight’s awards will follow tomorrow.

Emma Thompson, BAFTA Honours 2014
Emma Thompson, we salute you.