Angelina Jolie is reportedly moving to London.

The 45-year-old actress - who has six children with her former husband Brad Pitt, 56 - is believed to be considering a move back to Richmond in south-west London, where she and Brad lived while filming in England in 2011.

A source told The Sunday Mirror newspaper: ''She believes it's a perfect environment for the kids, from a cultural standpoint and educationally.

''She has been looking into properties in the south-west London area as well as the logistics of how this would be workable once lockdown is lifted. One scenario is that she could have the kids a few months at a time in the UK, then they'd be allowed back to see Brad for longer periods.''

Brad and Angelina - who were in a relationship for a decade before they got married in 2014 - were declared legally divorced in April 2019, but parts of their case remain unresolved.

Angelina and Brad opted to pay for a private judge in their divorce case in order to keep the details of their divorce out of the public domain, although some legal moves must still be made within standard court procedure.

And, just last week, Angelina sought the removal of the private judge in the divorce case because she was ''concerned that something untoward was happening''.

Angelina asked to have Judge John W. Ouderkirk disqualified from the proceedings, because she claims he failed to disclose his business relationships with her ex-husband's attorneys.

Angelina's lawyer Samantha Bley DeJean discovered that the judge - who presided over the Angelina and Brad's nuptials in 2014 - had an ''ongoing professional and financial relationship'' with Pitt's attorneys Anne C. Kiley and Lance Spiegel.

According to papers filed by Angelina's counsel, ''There were matters that Judge Ouderkirk did not ultimately disclose until [Jolie's] counsel conducted her own inquiry into missing disclosures left [Jolie] without an ... [understanding] of the professional relationship between the judge and [Pitt's] counsel.

''[Bley DeJean ]on her own initiative, discovered the truth of what should have been disclosed long before.''

However, Brad's team hit back, saying this is just a ''thinly veiled attempt by Jolie to delay the adjudication of long-pending custody issues in this case''.

The papers, filed by Brad's legal team and obtained by the New York Post's Page Six, continued: ''Judge Ouderkirk has had a well-documented history with the parties to this proceeding their counsel, including, without limitation, being hand-selected by Jolie to preside over the couple's nuptials in 2014 and serving as a neutral in several matters involving attorneys on both sides of this case.''