Just weeks after Angelina Jolie completed her preventative double mastectomy, her aunt Debbie has lost her battle with breast cancer, aged 61. Debbie Martin was hospitalized on Wednesday (May 22, 2013) and passed away early on Sunday morning, her husband Ronald Martin told People magazine.

Though Jolie was unable to be with her aunt at the time of her death, she had visited Debbie several times since her diagnosis and both the actress and her brother James have kept in contact. "Angelina has been sending her wishes," said Ronald, "She and my wife texted each other. It was difficult for my wife, during the last few months, to communicate." Debbie is the biological sister of Jolie's mother, MARCHELINE BERTRAND, who died following a battle with ovarian cancer in 2007. Debbie had previously marked the four year anniversary of her sister's death with a tribute blog post, writing, "My heart hurts and I just have to learn to slowly walk with my wounds, step by step, with a hole in my heart, yet carrying cherished memories which keep me whole and holds me up day by day."

Angelina Jolie completed the double mastectomy process a couple of weeks ago, writing of her decision in the New York Times. It is now reckoned she has a 5% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer though will reportedly have her ovaries removed too. "Because of the BRCA gene in the maternal side of the family, Angelina did the smartest thing on earth," said Debbie's husband Ron, "It takes a lot of courage to have your breasts removed."

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