Opera superstar Angela Gheorghiu has gone public with shocking allegations about her troubled marriage to fellow singer Roberto Alagna.

Gheorghiu, who recently divorced the French-Sicilian tenor, claims his angry outbursts during their marriage made her miserable and left her unable to sing.

She tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "He was actually violent - and in front of my family, and his family also. I lived through that. It's the most black page of my life. I said for years that I cannot believe it, it will be fine - you say that all the time. But it's like a malady."

Gheorghiu adds, "At first, when you are young and more energetic, you feel very bad. Crying and singing, singing and crying: maybe I cry more than I sing. And it was possible for me to sing. One day I said: 'I cannot sing'. I was so tired - from screaming and crying, I was kaput (broken) completely."

The couple stunned the opera world in 2009 when they announced plans to split, but they rekindled their romance months later.

However, the soprano went to Romania earlier this year (13) to obtain a divorce after realising the relationship was just not working.

She adds, "There are things in life you accept from your man, but I did not want to continue... A person like that will never, ever change."

Marinella Alagna, Roberto Alagna's sister and agent, refused to comment on Gheorghiu's accusations, telling the publication, "We do not have time for idiocy such as this."