An unknown thief has managed to make off with almost half a million dollars worth of original Andy Warhol prints from a museum in Missouri, including some of his very recognisable Campbell's Soup paintings that the pop-art pioneer produced back in 1962. A reward is being offered for information.

Andy WarholAndy Warhol paintings get stolen

Yesterday (April 12th 2016), the FBI revealed in a statement that they would be willing to offer $25,000 to anyone who can provide information regarding the current whereabouts of the missing paintings, after seven of ten Campbell's Soup prints vanished from the Springfield Art Museum in Missouri on Thursday (April 7th).

Springfield Art Museum had been in possession of ten of the Warhol artworks worth $500,000 since 1985, but it is believed they were swiped in the early hours of the morning though no alarm call was heard from the local police. The first time cops were made aware of the theft was when they received a 911 call at 10am.

While museum director Nick Nelson insisted to News Leader that there was 'video surveillance throughout the building', nobody has confirmed that security footage revealed any criminal activity - though there were apparently security guards on duty. 

The museum remains open, according to the company's Tweet on Friday. 'Ongoing investigation at the Museum. We are open. The Pop exhibit is closed. Thank you for your concern and support', they said.

In the wake of the theft, Interpol have suggested that the prints could end up on the black market. '[The theft of valuable paintings generate] huge profits for the criminals involved, who are often operating in networks with links to other criminal activities', they revealed in a statement.

The missing 37 inches by 24.5 inches framed prints are 'Campbell's Soup I (Beef)', 'Campbell's Soup I (Vegetable)', 'Campbell's Soup I (Tomato)', 'Campbell's Soup I (Onion)', 'Campbell's Soup I (Green Pea)', 'Campbell's Soup I (Chicken Noodle)' and 'Campbell's Soup I (Black Bean)'.