British actor Andy Serkis, the man behind one of the year's best movies - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - as launched his Oscars campaign for the sci-fi drama. Serkis plays King Ape Caesar in the gripping movie and 20th Century Fox wants the Academy to recognise his role when the nominations are announced in January.

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesAndy Serkis [R] shooting Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

It is likely that, should Serkis be nominated, it would be in the category of Best Supporting Actor. That would probably see him up against JK Simmons (the big favourite for Whiplash), Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton and Ethan Hawke. 

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"What we're doing is creating a performance in the same way as if you were playing a live action role," Serkis told the Mirror.

"It is acting, there is no difference and it's ludicrous to think of it in any other way. We are still living out our roles, we're on set with the director and other actors and it is then manifested through visual effects.

"In five years we won't be having this discussion as it's obvious what we do is acting and needs to be seen as that."

If effort is taking into account when the nominations are handed out, then Serkis is nailed on. There was a moment during his preparations when his wife Lorraine locked up the household's bananas.

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"Sometimes I wasn't even aware I was still in 'ape zone' and I'd be playing with my kids and rolling around and find myself using my knuckles to climb to my feet and I'd think, 'Why am I still doing that?'," he laughed

"That's when I'd realise I was still very much in the character of an ape."

Still, despite the campaign from Fox, Serkis remains a huge outsider to win the award at 100/1. Here's to hoping.