This week's Golden Globe Awards brought the news that aside from scores of deserving winners, there had been left even more equally deserving snubs. New comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine however, was not one of the snubbed titles and instead cleaned up the comedy categories with two Golden Globe awards amidst fierce competition.

Brooklyn Nine Andy Samberg Andrew Braugher
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Took Home An Arms-Worth Of Trophies At The Golden Globes.

Golden Globes voters ensured that Fox's freshman sitcom went home with two awards, in the coveted top comedy series category and for lead actor Andy Samberg, who took the best comedy actor prize. "We are very stunned, very grateful and very happy," the show's co-creator Dan Goor said backstage, via Variety.

Having only premiered back in September 2013 with its 12th episode airing last week, the show saw off the likes of The Big Bang Theory, which is arguably currently the world's favourite sitcom, as well as Girls, Modern Family and Parks & Recreation. Samberg triumphed over BBT's Jim Parsons and Jason Bateman, Michael J. Fox and Jon Cheadle.

In an evening that saw some of the world's mightiest actors and longest running shows go home empty-handed, the days after the Golden Globes have been filled with questioning pertaining to Brooklyn's extraordinary achievement. The show is largely unknown to most, particularly audiences outside the US.

Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Show's Success Is Attributed To Genuine Humour & A Diverse Cast.

Even American viewers only averaged a fairly low 3.8 million viewers per episode, therefore was hardly expected to beat Lena Dunhams' global comedy leviathan and last year's winner, Girls, at the awards. All the other shows in its category routinely draw between three and six times the viewership of Brooklyn per episode.

However, the show's surprise awards success is being attributed to its endearing and genuinely funny storylines and jokes, as well as the diversity of characters and actors featured on the show, each well-rounded and played with talent. Though former SNL cast Samberg is clearly the big name on the Brooklyn cast, it may be surprising to learn that it is Andre Braugher's stoic Captain Ray Holt who steals the show with his deadpan manner to Samberg's juvenile Detective Jake Peralta.

For those unfamiliar with the show's premise, the single camera series follows Samberg's immature Peralta around his daily business with a focus on Braugher's tough and no-nonsense new commanding officer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will begin airing in the UK on E4 on the 16th January.