At first when someone admits to only having one friend on Facebook, you think the individual is rather lonely, and a bit sad, but that all changes when that one friend is the billionaire inventor behind the social media site, Mark Zuckerberg.

Andy Samberg
Samberg recalled how Zuckerberg set up his Facebook account

On Wednesday evening (Sept 24th), Andy Samberg paid a visit to his former 'SNL' co-star's talk show, Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show,' and in the hilarious interview, the 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' actor recalled how Zuckerberg convinced him to join Facebook.

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When Fallon asked the 36 year-old actor if he was on any social media site, he replied, "Well, do we have time for a funny story? I am actually on Facebook but I only have one friend. It's a private account and I have one friend."

"Mark Zuckerberg," Samberg said when the shocked host asked who. "We were at Facebook doing an event and we were in his office hanging out, because, you know, he did 'SNL' so we're sort of friendly."

"It somehow came up, like, 'You know, when you're on your account ...' and I was like, 'Oh, I'm actually not on Facebook.' And he was like, What!?'" he continued. "I said (only) 'If you set up my account and you're my only friend, so I can tell this on a talk show, and it's a private account and none of your friends start emailing me and stuff.'"

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And this is exactly what happened, Zuckerberg set up an account for Samberg while he was taking a toilet break.

Zuckerberg taking part in the Ice-Bucket challenge earlier this year

"He was like, 'You're all set up.' And then the following week, I started getting emails and friend requests from his friends," he revealed. "I texted him and I was like, 'Hey man, I hate to do this to you, head of Facebook, but I think I need some tech support here.' He was so cool about it. He was like, 'Go into your settings ...'"

"So now there's some dormant Facebook account out there and it's just me and the Zuck." Samberg jokingly concluded.