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Storks Review

Very Good

There's nothing particularly original about this animated comedy adventure by Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors). It has the standard fast-paced snarky tone and too-frantic imagery, but the script is smarter than average, dropping deranged lines of hilarious dialogue into every scene. This gives the conversations an improvisational quality that keeps the audience laughing all the way through, unsure what might happen next.

It's set 20 years after the storks decided that there wasn't enough money in delivering babies, so they shifted to delivering parcels instead. The boss Hunter (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) is now planning to become board chairman, so he brings in his protege Junior (Andy Samberg) as the new boss. To prove himself, Junior needs to sack Tulip (Katie Crown), an annoying human who was left behind when the old business closed. Unable to do this, Junior transfers her to a back mailroom where no one will notice her, except that she inadvertently fires up the baby factory by answering a request from Nate (Anton Starkman) to bring a brother to his parents (Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell). So now Junior and Tulip need to deliver this infant before Hunter finds out.

While the plot is fairly predictable, the way it plays out is riotous. The film is a barrage of random asides, unexpected twists and loveably ridiculous characters. A smarmy corporate spy called Pigeon Toady (Stephen Kramer Glickman) is amusingly smarmy, while a pair of bickering arctic wolves (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele) add some snarling suspense, even though they're too funny to be scary. Everything is so energetic and colourful that it's difficult to mind that the plot makes very little logical sense. And the loose style of vocal performance gives the whole film a zing of comical anarchy.

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Review


An astute satire of the pop music business, this raucous mock-documentary is consistently hilarious from start to finish. Some of the jokes are corny, but everything about this movie has a point to make about fame and the music industry. The songs are jaw-droppingly wacky, as is the constant string of big-name cameos. And it's anchored on a riotously funny performance by Andy Samberg.

He plays Connor, formerly one-third of the boy band Style Boyz, alongside his childhood friends Owen (Jorma Taccone) and Lawrence (Akica Schaffer). When Conner decided to go solo, Owen tagged along with him as his deejay, while Lawrence angrily left to become a farmer. But sales of Connor's new album are wobbling, and with 32 people on his personal payroll, he needs to bring in the cash. After a marketing scheme to upload his music to kitchen appliances backfires, he heads out on his Connquest world tour, supported by unhinged singer Hunter (Chris Redd). But Owen thinks that what Connor really needs is to make up with Lawrence, and bring the Boyz back together again.

Samberg is perfect as the too-cute musician who believes all the hype and doesn't have a clue what's really happening around him. Even in his ignorance, Connor is hugely likeable, because he never means to be cruel. This makes his interaction with the people around him thoroughly engaging, and often laugh-out-loud funny, from Sarah Silverman's PR guru to Tim Meadows' enthusiastic manager to Maya Rudolph's kitchen appliance queen. Joan Cusack has some marvellous moments as his dotty mum, while Imogen Poots gets the film's best sequence as the "official" girlfriend he proposes to complete with an ill-advised pack of wolves and live music by Seal. And then there's Justin Timberlake as Connor's singing chef.

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - Teaser Trailer

With the passing of each decade, the music industry is constantly set alight by the most recent saviour of pop and Connor4Real is the latest major record label cash cow but behind every great talent there's a whole host of people working behind the scenes to create the finished Connor4Real package. 

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Emmy Nominations: Record Year For HBO, Thanks To 'Game Of Thrones'

Peter Dinklage Lena Headey Emilia Clarke Frances McDormand Andy Samberg Kit Harington

It's that time of year again - the nominations for the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards have been announced, and 'Game of Thrones' has battled its way to the top with a huge haul of 24, including one in the fiercely competitive category of Outstanding Drama Series.

Peter Dinklage at a Game of Thrones premiere in New YorkGame On!: Will Peter Dinklage win an Emmy?

The globally popular fantasy series will go up against 'Better Call Saul', 'Downton Abbey', 'Homeland', 'House of Cards', 'Mad Men' and 'Orange is the New Black' for the coveted award. And if doesn't win, well, the show's got 23 other decent chances, including a possible gong for Peter Dinklage - up for Supporting Actor - and either Lena Headey or Emilia Clarke, who are competing against each other in the Supporting Actress arena.

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A Lonely Island Movie Is Heading Our Way

The Lonely Island Andy Samberg

Best known for their appearences on US comedy variety show Saturday Night Live, the musical trio have released three studio albums featuring scores of celebrity guests and countless hilarious 'video shorts'.

Lonely Island
The band will no doubt be getting up to crazy hijinks, but what will the soundtrack be like?

Now the band, consisting of childhood friends Andy SambergJorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, are going to star in and produce a film for Universal Studios. Veteren comedy director/producer Judd Apatow will also produce, whilst Taccone and Schaffer will co-direct. 

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Andy Samberg Reassembles Lonely Island, Pharrell For ‘HUGS’ SNL Digital Short [Video]

Andy Samberg Pharrell Williams Jorma Taccone

SNL's legendary digital shorts made a grand return when Andy Samberg hosted the weekend entertainment show for the first time. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star made his name as a cast member on Saturday Night Live for seven years and was welcomed back last weekend (17th May) to see the show off on its 39th season finale.

Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg Made Sure That His Grand 'SNL' Return Was One To Remember.

It just wouldn't be a Samberg SNL special without the musical comedy collective The Lonely Island and Samberg made sure to recruit his buddies Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone for more funny music video madness. The sight of Samberg and co. settling back into making expanding their discography was enough for fans but when Pharrell Williams dropped by to contribute his own ode to hugging, social media went into meltdown.

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Taylor Lautner Cast In BBC Comedy 'Cuckoo', Replacing Andy Samberg

Taylor Lautner Andy Samberg Greg Davies Helen Baxendale

Taylor Lautner has landed a role in the BBC Three comedy Cuckoo, alongside Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale, according to BBC News. The 22 year-old American star, whose best-known role was the werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise, will replace the outgoing US comedian in the second series of the popular British comedy.

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner Has Landed A Role In The BBC Comedy, 'Cuckoo.'

Controller of BBC Three Zai Bennett said: "'Cuckoo' was one of BBC Three's most stand out comedies, so I'm delighted to welcome it back with the addition of superstar Taylor Lautner joining the critically acclaimed Greg Davies and an outstanding British comedy cast for what will be one of the comedy treats of the year," via Digital Spy.

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'12 Years A Slave,' 'American Hustle' And 'Breaking Bad' Among The Big Winners At The 2014 Golden Globe Awards: Full Winners List

Golden Globe Awards Steve McQueen Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence Coen Brothers Matthew Mcconaughey Jared Leto Leonardo Dicaprio Cate Blanchett Alfonso Cuaron Spike Jonze Andy Samberg Bryan Cranston Robin Wright Michael Douglas Elisabeth Moss

The 2014 Golden Globes came and went on Sunday, 12 January night as the stars of Hollywood gathered for the first real awards showcase of the year. The event didn't let down, with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler delivering the laughs throughout the event and with individual stars using their time in the spotlight to grand effect, resulting in a night to remember.

American Hustle
American Hustle was the night's big winner

The two top-contested awards, Best Motion Picture for Drama and for Musical or Comedy, were awarded to the early favourites and the two titles looking most likely to sweep up over the course of awards season: 12 Years A Slave and America Hustle.

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Golden Globes 2014 Celebrates New Shows Over The Old As Television Nominations Are Revealed

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Corey Stoll Michael Sheen Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Julianna Margulies Kerry Washington James Spader Liev Schreiber Rob Lowe Michael Douglas Matt Damon Amy Poehler Zooey Deschanel Lena Dunham Edie Falco Andy Samberg Jim Parsons Don Cheadle Jason Bateman Michael J Fox Helen Mirren Jessica Lange

The nominations for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards were revealed this week and although there were few surprises in the movie nominations; in the television categories however, it's time for change in the established order of critically-acclaimed TV. Former nomination regulars like Mad Men and Homefront are nowhere to be seen in the nominees lists, replaced instead by the new order of critically-acclaimed shows.

Master of Sex
Master of Sex, along with House of Cards, is now the show to beat

Master of Sex and House of Cards now look like the shows to beat, with Breaking Bad making what will be its final appearance at the Golden Globes with the series ending this year. This comes just a year after Homeland achieved the impressive feat of winning Best Drama Series, Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor all in one night, although this does mark the second year in a row that the 2007-2009 winner Mad Men has not appeared in the Best Drama category.

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Review

Very Good

With new writers and directors, this frenetic sequel indulges in silliness with less substance than last time. It's a lot of fun, but also rather forgettable, like the movie's surprisingly unimaginative title (honestly, the sky was literally the limit here). So while we laugh at the constant barrage of jokes and the colourful visual mayhem, there's nothing to engage us on a more satisfying level.

It opens with a recap of the first film, then carries on immediately, as young inventor Flint (voiced by Hader) is thrilled that his idol Chester (Forte), head of super-cool mega-company Live Corp, is put in charge of cleaning up the food storm Flint started. With a secret plan to get his hands on Flint's invention, Chester evacuates everyone from the island community Swallow Falls and offers Flint a job at his headquarters in San Franjose, California. But back home the food has come to life and is threatening to attack the world, so Flint is sent to solve the problem, unofficially accompanied by his pals (Faris' weathergirl, Samberg's surfer dude, Bratt's cameraman and Crews' muscle-cop) and his fisherman dad (Caan).

These characters are so hilariously goofy that we can't help but enjoy the chaos as they return to the island, which has been transformed into a Jurassic Park-style jungle overrun by food-pun creatures like shrimpanzees, tacodiles and watermelephants. The animation is gorgeously detailed, with all kinds of visual gags to match the deranged verbal banter. And the snappy voice cast dive in with gusto. The new characters fit in perfectly: Forte is hilariously slimy, while Schaal (as his talking baboon assistant Barb) steals the show as the only person on-screen who has a story arc.

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Andy Samberg's Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lives To Fight Another Day With Full-Season Pickup From Fox

Andy Samberg

The Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine is has entered the exclusive club of the full season pickup. Fox has ordered a full 22 episodes of the Andy Samberg-starring police comedy, but that’s not all. The show seems to be such a huge hit for the network that it has been granted the coveted time slot straight after the Super Bowl XLVII on February 2, along with New Girl.

Andy Samberg, Fox Fall Eco Casino Party
Fox has ordered a full season of the Andy Samberg starrer.

"It's exciting to see that both critics and fans love Brooklyn Nine-Nine as much as we do," says Fox chairman Kevin Reilly in a statement announcing the extension, released via USA Today. "With Andy and Andre out in front of this incredible ensemble, it feels like this show is going to be around for a long time."

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The To Do List Review

Very Good

Even as this comedy strains to be goofy and transgressive, it catches us by surprise simply because it dares to explore first-time sexual experiences through female eyes. And Aubrey Plaza (Safety Not Guaranteed) brings her usual sardonic wit to the lead role, merrily offending the more timid moviegoers while making more adventurous fans wish the film went even further.

Plaza plays Brandy, who graduated at the top of her Boise high school class. But with that goal achieved, she wonders if she neglected to prepare properly for university social life, so she makes a summer to-do list of sex-related tasks leading, hopefully, to losing her virginity to the hunky guitar-strumming lifeguard Rusty (Porter). She works with him at the local swimming pool along with her nice-guy best pal Cameron (Simmons), who's of course secretly in love with her. But as Brandy works through the list with the help of her friends (Shawkat and Steele) and her experienced big sister (Bilson), she starts to worry that her emotions are getting in the way.

Thankfully, writer-director Carey refuses to let this turn into a romantic slush-fest, keeping the encounters jagged and often very funny. The script is packed with hilariously squirm-inducing conversations about sex, many involving Brandy's far too helpful mother (Britton). Although her dad (Gregg) and her loser boss (Hader) understandably don't want to know. Meanwhile, when the local guys (Glover and Mintz-Plasse) find out about Brandy's list, they are sure to tick off a few items themselves, as does a visiting rock star (Samberg).

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'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2' Scoffs At US Box Office Competition

Bill Hader Neil Patrick Harris Anna Faris Andy Samberg

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, despite receiving mixed reviews, has gained over $34 million at the US weekend Box Office. The film was released on Friday (27th September), and received mixed, although generally positive reviews. Some critics described the film as "wildly cute" and "colourful" (Miriam Bale, New York Times), but many felt the film lack originality particularly the "the original film's intelligence" (Sean O'Connell, Washington Post).

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris provides the voice for Steve, Flint Lockwood's monkey.

However, such comments do not appear to have discouraged many from seeing the second instalment in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs franchise, quite the contrary as the film beat off its competition by at least $20 million. The other films in the Box Office are more equally spread, figures wise, with Prisoners (down from No.1 last week) and Rush (up from No.38) each gaining $10 million. 

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Andy Samberg And Joanna Newsom Get Married!

Andy Samberg Joanna Newsom

Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom are officially wedded, with the couple of five-years finally tying the knot in a private ceremony on Saturday, 21 September. The two exchanged vows in front of friends and family at Big Sur, California with E! News officially confirming the news over the weekend.

Andy Samberg Joanna Newsom
Samberg and Newsom tied the knot in front of family and friends

The former-Saturday Night Live writer and performer and the acclaimed harpist and singer/songwriter have dated for around five years now and on Saturday they finally made things officially after their engagement was confirmed by Samberg in February this year. With family and friends invited, there were a few famous faces amongst the attendees at the ceremony, with Adam Sandler, Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and her partner Paul Thomas Anderson all reportedly in attendance.

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Seth Meyers Marries Long Term Girlfriend Alexi Ashe

Seth Meyers Olivia Munn Kristen Wiig Allison Williams Andy Samberg Ali Larter Jason Sudeikis

Seth Meyers, star of Saturday Night Live, married his long-term girlfriend Alexi Ashe on Sunday. The wedding ceremony took place in Martha's Vineyard and was attended by such guests as Andy Samberg, Ali Larter, Olivia Munn, Jason Sudeikis, Allison Williams, Kristen Wiid, Amy Poehler and a number of others. 

Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers
Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers at the Vanity Fair 2013 Oscar Party.

Meyer's representative confirmed to People the couple did tie the knot this weekend. Another source, also speaking to the US entertainment website, said "They are so in love and really excited for their big day. They were really happy to celebrate their big day with their close friends and family."

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Trailer

Flint Lockwood is a genius inventor who previously caused chaos in his hometown when he invented the FLDSMDFR (Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator) which turned water into food and nearly caused a tornado of spaghetti and meatballs to destroy the town. Now he wants to go back to Swallow Falls with his friends including his weather intern best pal Sam Sparks, his father Tim and his pet monkey Steve, because the food monsters he created are learning to swim in order to cross oceans and take over the world. On arriving, they find that the abandoned town is now home to Spring Onion giraffes, Shrimp-anzees, fla-mangos. As beautiful as this new land is, they soon find themselves involved in a deadly chase hotly pursued by man (and monkey!) eating giant cheese burgers. Will Flint invent a solution to save the world this time round? Or are they facing Burgergeddon?

The sequel to the 2009 animated comedy 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs' is now finally set to be released, this time directed by Cody Cameron ('Open Season 3') and Kris Pearn in his directorial debut and John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein ('Horrible Bosses', 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone') coming on board for the screenplay. It will hit cinemas in the UK on October 25th 2013. 

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The To Do List - Green Band Trailer

Brandy Clark is a smart, high-achieving though particularly naive high-school graduate whose finding the prospect of a new life at college daunting. Tired of being relentlessly teased for her sexual inexperience, she compiles a list of bedroom adventures she would like to have before beginning her first year as a freshman. However, trying to catch-up with her friends becomes a shame-filled rollercoaster as she attempts to seduce handsome, floppy-haired lifeguard Rusty Waters who she met at her first college party. She manages to lose her head, as well as her top, as she discovers that there's more to having trysts with guys than just getting physical as the much more confusing emotional side comes into it. The question is, will she survive her first year at college, or will this new world of passion and parties drive this straight-laced girl crazy?

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FOX Orders Pilot For J.J. Abrams' Almost Human Series, And More!

Jj Abrams Greg Kinnear Andy Samberg

J.J. Abrams must be one of the worlds busiest men right now, and after recently releasing Star Trek: Into Darknessand pledging his time to the new Star Wars film,he has decided against taking any kind of break as he has yet another project to work on after FOX ordered a pilot episode of his much-shopped Almost Human series.

Almost Human is one of four new dramas to be pickled up by FOX for next season's programming schedule and will see the Lost creator re-team with Fringe's J.H. Wyman and Bryan Burk on a buddy cop series set in a future Los Angeles. The series follows future LAPD officers who are each teamed up with android partners, with Star Trek's Karl Urban, Friday Night Lights' Minka Kelly and Lili Taylor each set to star in the project.

JJ Abrams
Jj Abrams lives up to the mantra of 'no rest for the wicked'

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Fox Orders Seth MacFarlane's 'Dads' And Samberg's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' [Analysis]

Seth Macfarlane Andy Samberg Christopher Meloni Alexis Bledel Seth Green Giovanni Ribisi

Wow. Fox has really shown its hand for next season, offering four big new shows in the bid to get ahead in the race for ratings. The network has made high profile comedy pickups including the Seth Macfarlane produced Dads and the Andy Samberg starring Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Elsewhere, Fox ordered 13 episodes of of Surviving Jack with Chris Meloni, Enlisted with Geoff Stults and Us and Them starring Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel. But which is likely to become the next Family Guy or New Girl


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Fox To Produce Fall Season Pilot Starring Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg is set to star in a pilot for a comedy series on FOX, penned by the writing duo of Mike Shur and Dan Goor of Parks and Recreation fame.  

Samberg, who is one of Hollywood’s breakout comedy actors of the past five years, left his cushy gig at Saturday Night Live just last May and has had a number of parts since then, with varying degrees of success. This is Fox’s first pilot order for fall 2013 and it sounds intriguing to say the least.

The show is billed as a single-camera comedy about "diverse group of detectives in a precinct at the very edge of New York City". In it, Samberg will play the lead detective, a role, which Shur and Goor wrote specifically for him. It sounds a bit like CSI with a comedic twist, but, good or bad, this one will certainly be original (well, as original as a cop comedy can be). And, with the networks – ABC and NBC especially – pulling out all the stops of late, not to mention the huge volume entertainment instantly available online, Fox certainly needs to come out with something original to stay relevant. And let’s not forget that Samberg did in fact emerge as one of the stars of Youtube with The Lonely Island. So perhaps this new show will be exactly the breath of fresh air network execs are no doubt looking for? We’ll have to wait until this fall season to see.

Adam Samberg Signs For Upcoming FOX Cop Comedy

Andy Samberg The Lonely Island

Funnyman Adam Samberg has agreed to star in the pilot for a potential new show to be shown on FOX, working with the Parks and Recreation writing team of Mike Schur and Dan Goor on the project, reports Broadway World.

The Lonely Island and former SNL star has agreed to be a part of the still-untitled show, which will see Samberg star as lead detective in charge of a group of fellow detectives and officers who work in a precinct on the edge of New York City, with hilarity no-doubt ensuing.

Speaking a short while after the announcement of the former-SNL favourite's appointment, Schur and Goor said, "Andy's hilarious, and he was the first guy we thought of when we designed the part. From the moment we mentioned his name, everyone at Universal Television and FOX was 100% on-board. Andy Loved the pitch, and it all came together really quickly. We couldn't be happier."

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Razzies Nominations: So, Who Made The Worst Movie Of The Year?

Eddie Murphy Peter Berg Bill Condon Tyler Perry Katherine Heigl Kristen Stewart Milla Jovovich Nicolas Cage Robert Pattinson Jennifer Lopez Ashley Greene David Hasselhoff Adam Sandler Andy Samberg

It's that time of year again! The nominations for this year's Razzies have been announced, with Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - which made a ridiculous $814 million at the box office - leading the way with 11 nominations, including Worst Film and Worst Sequel. A spoof of the Academy Awards, this year's Razzies' picks arrived just one day before Thursday's Oscar nominations. So which directors, actors and actresses will have let out a giant, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" when catching wind of the infamous nominations today? And perhaps more importantly, who should win (or lose). Which movies and performances really were the worst of the worst? Here goes.

A Thousand Words Poster

Worst Picture

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Celeste And Jesse Forever Review

Very Good

With its refusal to follow the usual romantic-comedy formula, this snappy and observant movie is a nice surprise. Not only does it keep us wondering about where it's heading, but it gives the likeable Jones and Samberg much more complex roles than they usually get to play. And the quirky approach combined with some darkly dramatic moments makes it more interesting to watch.

Jones and Samberg play the long-time couple Celeste and Jesse, who have been together since they were in school. Now married for six years, they're starting to wonder if maybe they're just best friends, rather than a couple. So they decide to separate. The main issue seems to be surfer-artist Jesse's lack of ambition but, when he begins to move on with his life, Celeste starts wondering if maybe she's the real problem. Even so, they're still completely involved in each others' lives, which is awkward for their friends Beth and Tucker (Graynor and Christian). Maybe they need some distance.

The film's perspective centres on Celeste's messy journey, which is a bumpy series of conflicting emotions. She works as a lifestyle critic, so her comments on pop culture are hilariously barbed, but as her personal life dissolves she retreats into annoying pot-fuelled wallowing. It's often not easy to watch her, but Jones gives a ruthlessly honest performance that's both funny and disturbing. Her sideplots with her gay boss (Wood), her low-life drug dealer (cowriter McCormack) and a bratty popstar client (Roberts) are nicely played but only tangentially developed.

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The To Do List Trailer

Brandy Clark is an ordinary high school senior who finds herself suffocated under the pressures of pre-college life. As a sexually curious virgin, she is determined to explore the world of bedroom pleasures before starting her first year at college. From the most bizarre to the most unpleasant and unimaginable, she is resolute that she will experience every sexual adventure she's ever heard of and makes a long, colorful list of everything she hopes to err. 'achieve' in the short time she has left as a senior. Locating willing participants doesn't prove too difficult with many members of the opposite sex on a similar quest to her, and her new found promiscuity proves a lot for her anxious parents to handle.

This hilarious new romantic comedy is not like regular Valentine's Day flicks; it's frank and explicit with no room for censorship, just like a normal pre-college teenager. 'The To Do List' has been written and directed by Maggie Carey in her first feature length movie and its set to be released bang on time on February 14th 2013. Prepare to cover your ears and eyes as you venture into that world you thought (and hoped) you'd long forgotten. 

Starring: Connie Britton, Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Bilson, Andy Samberg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Alia Shawkat, Clark Gregg, Johnny Simmons, Bill Hader, Scott Porter, Nolan Gould, Donald Glover, Adam Pally, Sarah Steele & Lauren Lapkus.

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Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake's Wedding: Behind The Scenes

Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake Andy Samberg Beverley Mitchell Timbaland

It wasn’t the steadiest of roads, but after a somewhat bumpy five years that included more than one break-up, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot over the weekend in a glorious Italian ceremony, and we’ve got just about all the details to tell you about it.

In what was a reasonably intimate affair in the Southern Italian town of Fasano, US Magazine was the first to get a sneak peak at the aftermath of the ceremony, and it was by no means a half-hearted affair.

The magazine reveals that the pair, who wedded in front of an estimated 150 close friends and family, held their wedding at the exclusive Borgo Egnazia resort, surrounded by olive trees and cactus plants and set in the rolling hills of the picturesque coastal town. Sources also revealed to the magazine that the resort was also adorned with white flowers hanging from the walls and balconies throughout the fortress-like resort, with the two exchanging their vows at the resort’s very own chapel.

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Pre-Wedding Cocktails And Fireworks For Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel Andy Samberg Beverly Mitchell Gerard Butler

Justin Timberlake has been snapped enjoying a few pre-wedding cocktails in the Italian countryside.

US Magazine have published a picture of Justin looking dapper, but relaxed, in a black jacket, white suit and a trilby. The 31 year-old is scheduled to marry his sweetheart Jessica Biel this weekend, in Southern Italy. (October 18, 2012).

On Thursday, Justin and Jessica were joined by family and friends, including comedian Andy Samberg and music manager Johnny Wright. Jessica’s 7th Heaven co-star Beverly Mitchell was also there enjoying some fancy food and cocktails with the happy couple. The wedding party reportedly enjoyed a pleasant evening by the beachfront, which had been decorated by lanterns and at around 9:30pm, guests watched a 10 minute firework display before returning to their upmarket hotel.

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Hotel Transylvania Review

Very Good

Eye-catching animation and non-stop jokes make this animated monster movie a lot more fun than we expect. It's packed with gross-out gags that will keep kids laughing, plus clever character-based humour for the grown-ups. And it also features one of the funniest performances in recent memory from Sandler, perhaps because we can't see him on-screen.

He provides the voice for Dracula who, after his wife died, built a secret hotel where monsters could escape from human contact. But a century later his daughter Mavis (Gomez) is about to turn 118 and wants to go out and explore the world, even though Dracula has always warned her that humans are evil. As the family friends gather for her birthday, human backpacker Jonathan (Samberg) haplessly wanders into the hotel. And since Dracula doesn't want anyone to think he's been lying about humans all this time, he has to think fast, passing Jonathan off as a member of the Frankenstein family who's here to plan Mavis' party. But in talking with Jonathan, Mavis becomes even more intrigued by the world outside the castle.

The film's tone is hugely livened up by the guests at this party, including Frankenstein (James), Wayne (Buscemi) the wolf, Griffin (Spade) the invisible man and Murray (Green) the mummy. Each of them has marriage and family issues of their own that stir into the general mayhem, adding throwaway sight-gags and rude one-liners in every scene. With so much coming at us, some things are bound to make us laugh. And while the kids will love the poo and fart jokes, older audiences will enjoy a witty jab at Twilight and a hilariously grim bingo game.

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Hotel Transylvania Trailer

It's time to pack your bags, cover your neck and head on over to the glitziest five-star hotel known to the underworld, as we head to Hotel Transylvania.

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Celeste and Jesse Forever Trailer

Celeste and Jesse have been best friends since high school and married each other very young. Many years later, they have reached their thirties and while Celeste is a successful business woman, Jesse has failed to mature with age and remains unemployed and unmotivated. Celeste believes the right thing to do is to file for a divorce as her life progresses away from him. He agrees, although he still loves her, but the pair remain inseparable friends as they begin to see other people. They are told that they should start dating again if they are unwilling to let each other go, however, Jesse soon finds another girl to fall in love with and Celeste's world comes crashing down around her as she realises she's made a huge mistake. As everything begins to warp and change in their lives, they start to learn that they may have to abandon their precious friendship in order for their hearts to heal.

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Friends With Benefits Review

A smart, witty script and a likable cast help overcome the deep-seated rom-com cliches the filmmakers set out to deconstruct. But the central couple's strong chemistry and a stream of lively side characters keep us involved and entertained.

After a humiliating breakup, Dylan (Timberlake) meets with high-achieving headhunter Jamie (Kunis) about a new job. Friendship blossoms, and since Jamie is emotionally damaged after a recent split and Dylan is emotionally unavailable, they decide to sleep together without any deeper attachment.

Meanwhile, they get increasingly involved in each others' lives, most notably as Dylan and his sister (Elfman) cope with their senile father (Jenkins). Of course, the main question is whether Dylan and Jamie can remain friends even if they have sex.

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