Ever wanted to know what Andy Murray and his fellow Wimbledon competitors listen to before heading out onto centre court? Well, of course Roger Federer chills out to The National, Rafael Nadal listens to the soothing sounds of Spanish guitars and Djokovic listens to early Oasis. Obviously.

Andy MurrayAndy Murray Arriving At Wimbledon This Week

But what about young Murray? With pretty much everyone in Britain anticipating him to win his first Wimbledon title, the Scottish star has shared his playlist with Spotify. It's made up of a couple of morale boosting stompers with some contemporary grooves in there for good measure. Worryingly, 1980's singer-songwriter and Meg Ryan's latest squeeze John Mellencamp makes two appearances on the list, as does Ed Sheeran. AC/DC's legendary rock anthem 'You Shook Me All Night Long' and Robin Thicke's No.1 track Blurred Lines also helps Andy remain focused. Apparently.

Andy Murray said "I always listen to music before I go out on court, but for me, it's important that it's fairly relaxing. With the nerves and excitement, you don't want to get the adrenaline flowing too much before you get out on court.  It's about focussing and conserving energy and making sure you are ready to go at the right time."

Andy MurrayAndy Murray Chilling Out On The Beach After Winning The Sony Open, In Spain

Andy Murray's Spotify playlist runs as follows:

1.Longview - Further

2.John Mellencamp - Jack & Diane

3.John Mellencamp- Small Town

4.Ed Sheeran - Drunk

5.Ed Sheeran - You Need Me

6.Eminem - You're Never Over

7.Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

8.Rod Stewart - Maggie May

9.AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

10.Kid Rock- All Summer Long

Murray plays Russian No20 Mikhail Youzhny in the fourth round of Wimbledon on Monday (July 1, 2013).