Andy Garcia's actress daughter banned him from the set of their upcoming movie CITY ISLAND - because she was baring all to film scenes in a strip club.
Dominik Garcia-Lorido plays the actor's daughter in the film, which tells the story of a dysfunctional family living in New York's City Island.
And the 25-year-old prepared for her role as a stripper by warning her dad he wasn't allowed anywhere near the Staten Island strip club where the crew was shooting.
The actor tells the New York Daily News, "When she took the role, she said I had to stay outta (her acting process). And that's the way we played it. I didnt go to the set (the day she shot her stripper scenes)."
And although the pair even had to film one scene in which Garcia's character stares at his daughter's new breast implants, Garcia-Lorido insists it "wasn't bad".
She adds, "It's an awkward thing, but it's also great because there's a real dynamic there. That really is my dad."