The 24-year-old daughter of the Ocean's Eleven star shows off her curvy body for the publication, which features women above a U.K. size 14.

In the editorial spread, Alessandra is seen wearing lingerie and high-heeled shoes as she poses for the seductive shots.

Alessandra tells Entertainment Tonight, "I hope women of all sizes feel empowered because it's sort of celebrating a different body type, but also showing you can be sexy and confident in your own skin."

Alessandra, who is one of four children Andy shares with his producer wife Marivi Lorido, reveals her father was initially shocked to see the risque photos, but is supportive of her rising career.

"He was definitely taken aback but just really excited that I'm representing a really underrepresented group in the industry," she explains.

Alessandra has previously modelled for Vogue Italia and advertising campaigns for H&M and clothing brand Healthy Is The New Skinny.