Andy Garcia has said that he felt the weight of Mexico on him when making new film 'For Greater Glory,' feeling that the real-life story that it represented was one badly in need of re-telling to the current generation. The Cristero War, which the film portrays, raged between 1926 and 1929 in Mexico and Garcia commented "About 90,000 people died in three years. There was torture, priests being hung from telegraph poles. It was a very ugly moment in Mexican history."
Garcia admitted that it took doing the film for him to realise the scale of the conflict, telling The Press Association "The curious thing was I didn't know anything about it... And when I started to ask some Mexican friends... they didn't know anything about it," and adding "It was easy to commit to do this movie because, aside from the curious fact that people don't know the story, or maybe that they don't want people to talk about this, the script, the concept of the film, was extremely classical... and I knew it was going to be a beautiful adventure."
Garcia continued, "I think that the overall essence is that freedom is a precious thing. People are fighting for freedom on a daily basis all around the world in contemporary society, and dying for it. This struggle has not gone away."