Comedian Andy Dick has vowed to stay out of trouble during his upcoming stint on Dancing With The Stars, insisting he is now "completely sober" after finally kicking his drink and drug problems.

The funnyman has spent years battling substance abuse issues and has been in and out of rehab on numerous occasions, while his various arrests and headline-grabbing stunts have gained him notoriety.

Last summer (12), concerned friends and co-workers staged an intervention during filming for his Internet Tv show Andy DICk Live! and got him back into treatment, and he now insists the program helped him clean up his act for good.

He is set for a comeback after joining Dancing With The Stars, and DICk is adamant fans will see a different side to him.

DICk says, "(My previous problems) were probably alcohol-induced, so in that respect (on the show) there's no alcohol. That's out! (I am) completely sober, if you are asking. Am I going to be showing up on the dancefloor with my penis in my hand? That's not going to be happening."

DICk's previous antics include being ejected from an adult entertainment awards ceremony in Las Vegas in 2011 for pestering a porn star and allegedly flashing his genitals in a Los Angeles coffee shop in 2010.