We've all heard rumours that the entertainment business is in trouble, but this is a whole new level – comedian Andy Dick was arrested on Friday for grand theft. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dick was arrested around 11pm on the 1800 block of Whitley Ave in Hollywood. That’s about all the information released by the LAPD at this time.

Andy Dick
Andy Dick allegedly lives up to his name. Get it? Get it?

The rest of the information comes from TMZ, whose report claims that Dick was accused of stealing a $1,000 necklace on Hollywood Blvd. last week. An unnamed man alleges that Dick rode away on a bike with his jewellery after asking if he could see it.

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This isn’t Dick’s first run-in with the law, although he has largely stayed out of trouble for the past four years. He was arrested in 2008 for drug possession and sexual battery, and again in 2010 for allegedly groping a bartender and patron.

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Andy Dick
This is not the comedian's first run-in with the law.

More on this as the story develops, if it ever does. Here's hoping we never have to hear about it again.