The Snowman and the Snowdog will no doubt light up living rooms across Britain when it airs on Christmas Day, and the man behind the music for the upcoming sequel to the beloved 1982 festive classic The Snowman, Andy Burrows, is sure that people will love this new one all the same. Why you ask? Because his daughter says so.

The former Razorlight drummer spoke to the Daily Star recently, and revealed that he tested out the score on his four-year-old daughter before he submitted anything for the new TV short. He told the paper, “I wanted the songs to give the same childlike excitement I felt when I watched the original Snowman. If Chloe started dancing around, I knew I was on to a good thing.”

The soundtrack also features a few faces you wouldn't expect to be penning the music for a festive family treat; Muse's drummer Dominic Howard and Ash singer Tim Wheeler. Although Wheeler did release a somewhat tongue-in-cheek Christmas album last year with Emmy the Great, Burrows and Howard's involvement in the project did turn a few heads. Nevertheless, he has since endeavoured to contribute to a Christmas film that not only his daughter can enjoy, but everyone can.

The Snowman And The Snowdog will be shown on Channel 4 on Christmas Day.