Andrew W.K. isn't you're conventional musician, he's more of a vagabond who travels through as many musical landscapes as is humanly possible, bringing his own party-loving twist to every place he visits on his musical quest. His latest stop off was to exemplify just how much of a badass he is behind a drum set, so the 'Party Hard' singer organised a full 24-hour drumming marathon, enlisting the help of some famous faces to help him see out the full stretch.

Performing as part of the O Music Awards, Andrew began the marathon on Wednesday (June 19) night, bringing in the help of ?Uestlove and the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Chad Smith to see the marathon off when his arms became too heavy to keep going. The day-long record breaking feat - breaking the record for the longest amount of time spent playing the drums in a retail store - was held in Times Square and streamed live as part of the O Music Awards' live stream.

"WE DID IT!!! 24 HOURS OF DRUMMING!!!" the rocker and motivational speaker tweeted on Thursday (June 20) night, adding, "Remember... I didn't do it, WE did it. You were with me every beat. I feel very emotional and party."

As you can imagine, making it the full stretch was no easy job, and with two hours to go he tweeted about how much his back and hands were hurt, sending out an elated Tweet when he was in the final hour that read, "Oh JOY!"

It might not be as rock 'n' roll as playing an electric organ that is hooked up to David Blaine as 1,000,000 million volts pass through his body, but a 24-hour drumming marathon is still pretty rock 'n' roll, so congrats Andrew, we knew you could do it!

Andrew WK Meester Preview Party
Andrew W.K. want you, to party

?Uestlove Tribeca
Questo showed up to help out