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St Andrew's Day: We Bring You Eight Of The Best Andrews In Music

As it's St Andrew's Day we thought we'd have a bit of fun and find the best Andrews in music. There's not as many movers and shakers as you may think but we're sure you'll...

Miaow-sical! Famous Feline Lil Bub Has A New Album Entitled 'Science & Magic'

Okay, so we've heard about quite a few ridiculous musical projects in our time, but this really takes the kitty biscuit. It's always a sign of how cats are taking over the internet whenever someone's...

Andrew W.k. Completes 24-Hour Drumming Marathon, With A Little Help From His Friends

Andrew W.K. isn't you're conventional musician, he's more of a vagabond who travels through as many musical landscapes as is humanly possible, bringing his own party-loving twist to every place he visits on his musical...

David Blaine's Electrifying New Stunt To Feature Andrew W.k. Performance

Illusionist-cum-daredevil David Blaine is currently in the midst of a shocking new stunt, in which 1,000,000 million volts will pass through his body over a three day period. Sparking things off last night (Friday October...

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