The rumors are true! 'Finding Nemo' is back! In sequel form! Finding out that dealing with real life action was a bit tougher than imagined on the disastrous Disney flick 'John Carter', director Andrew Stanton has been confirmed to return to the safe haven of animated technology and will be at the helm for 'Finding Nemo 2', the announcement coming almost a decade after the original took in a phenomenal $865 million plus at the Box Office.

'John Carter' was grim, there's no denying it. Critically it was mauled and commercially it was so bad that Disney had to take a $200 million write-down on it, so you can't really blame Stanton for returning to safer ground. He'll be standing on it for a while too, with the film expected to take the best part of four years to develop, begging the question of will anyone even remember 'Nemo' by the time it comes out? We're not sure how long a fish of his type lives for, but we hope it's longer than 13 years because otherwise we might just be watching his funeral when the film finally hits.

The news that a sequel to 'Monster's Inc' is in the works, plus strong rumors that 'Toy Story' is returning for a fourth edition, marks something of a sea change for animators Pixar. Once credited with producing original film after original film, their reversion to sequels is suggesting that perhaps the studio aren't quite on as solid footing as one might think.