The trailer has been released for new bachelor comedy The Stag, a movie which sets out to prove that the theme of weddings and stag parties hasn't been outgrown by the comedy genre. Hugh O'Conor plays Fionnan, the groom at the centre of John Butler and Peter McDonald's funny new film.

The Stag Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Stars As The Best Man In New Comedy 'The Stag.'

In the movie, perfectionist Fionnan is preparing for his wedding to Ruth (Amy Huberman) but the only thing he can focus on is the smooth running of the nuptials. When faced with the prospects of the traditional pre-wedding stag do, Fionnan says he'd much rather go along with Ruth and her friends on the hen do or plan the floral arrangements.

Under duress, the adventure-shy groom agrees for his best friend Davin (Andrew Scott) to organise a stag party for him which involves heading into the wilderness. Just as Fionnan is beginning to warm to the idea of adventure and trekking in the wilderness with his best friend and "the two Kevins," Ruth announces that her insane brother (Peter McDonald), fondly known as "The Machine," will be accompanying them.

Watch The 'The Stag' Trailer:

The ruthless trekking style of The Machine leads to the group's compasses being discarded, meaning the gang's trip spirals from getting lost to having their tent set alight and streaking nude through the woods. The trip tests Fionnan's resolve to the very limits and soon it becomes clear the weekend will be remembered as less of a rite of passage party and more of a milestone, earned through sheer hardship.

The Stag is a lively Irish comedy in the same vein of male bonding as such films as The Hangover trilogy but set against stunning wilderness scenery and is sure to tickle more than a few laughs from even the grumpiest of audiences upon its upcoming release.

The Stag Movie Poster
'The Stag' Will Be Released In Spring 2014.