Over the course of the past three seasons, we've waved goodbye to a number of important Walking Dead characters in unforgiving circumstances, but on the latest episode of the zombie drama, titled 'Indifference,' there was a much more civil goodbye from one of the less civil individuals. Their deeds and eventual banishing from the prison commune inevitably took up most of the episode, as we also discovered a little more about the remaining cast. The rest of this article contains spoilers.

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Season four is well under way now

When we first met Carol, she was a frightened, deer in the headlights-type of girl whose survival often came into question. By the time she was cast out of the prison by Rick, she had developed into someone numb to violence or fear, someone willing to do what was needed when faced with danger. We found out this week that she didn't give a second thought to murdering Karen or David, as she told Rick that she did what she believed was essential for the well-being of the rest of the community.

“It’s about facing reality,” she told a shocked Rick, who is struggling to comprehend her metamorphosis as much as we are. She once again exhibits her ruthless streak later in the episode when she is part of the group on a supplies run.

When the group stumble across a seemingly sweet, young couple hiding away at one of the suburban homes, Carol is completely indifferent, perhaps sensing (rightly) that these newbies will suffer the same fate as so many others she has come into contact with since the zombie outbreak. When the pair are torn apart by zombies later in the episode, Carol barely flinches. Then again, if you had gotten close to someone only to see them die so soon, including your own daughter, you probably won't be the biggest people person anymore would you?

Rick is faced with a important decision here; does he let Carol continue living her reckless streak to the potential expense of the rest of the commune, or does he banisher her from the prison for good? The key issue that exists in the prison is survival, and with Rick and Carol at such polar opposites now, Rick has become genuinely afraid of whatever influence Carol may have on his children and the rest of the camp. With Tyreese still unaware of the murders she has committed and knowing that he will likely call for her blood, banishment might not actually be the worst option for Carol after all.

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Rick was faced with a tough decision regarding Carol

Rick and Carol reflect on their pasts, discussing everything from Carol’s pre-zombie struggles, namely those involving her abusive husband, and even begin discussing Lori’s habit of making pancakes for Rick and Carl every Sunday. The pleasantries serve as a nice reminder of how far they have all come, but the talk isn't going to save Carol, and both she and Rick knows that her time in the prison has come to an end.

We weren't completely inundated with Carol this week though, and after last week’s car troubles, Michonne, Tyrese, Daryl and Bob look to have found the solution to any future problems when they stumble upon an abandoned gas station, complete with an abandoned truck. Whilst Bob and Daryl recollect the the groups used by Bob to travel with, Michonne attempts to help teach Tyreese cope with his anger following the death of his beloved Karen. They never make any strides, but when they return to the prison in next weeks episode to find that Carol has left, Michonne may have wished she did more to ensure he learned there and then how to control his anger.

Making the most of their advantage, the group get the vehicle started and rush to the veterinary hospital to gather more supplies. It is here where we are confronted once again with season four newcomer Bob’s battle with alcoholism (that was initially hinted at in the store raid from the season premiere). He may have inadvertently caused Zach's death then, and this time he came close to completely sabotaging the entire trip.

The group may have (eventually) been successful in the travels, and from now on, Carol will have to hope for similar success as she wanders the zombie-infested plains alone. Will we see her again? Probably...

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