In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, titled 'Internment,' it wasn't just the zombies threatening harmony within the prison walls as a deadly outbreak of influenza was seriously affecting much of the group and tensions were beginning to mount. There was also a huge surprise in store for us as we reached the end of the episode, as we saw the shadowy return of a former favourite. The rest of this story contains spoilers.

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The Walking Dead is back on track thanks to 'Internment'

The first thing we notice in 'Internment' is just how many sick people are draining the prisons' supplies from within the quarantine zone. With their numbers rising quick, its up to Hershel to work over time and ensure that he can save as many people as possible. But even for a guy with the patience of a saint, his wits are being run thin as the casualty numbers continue to rise and their conditions only seem to get worse. When we see our first flu-caused fatality die in Glenn's care, all whilst Glenn is having a coughing fit, we get to see just how serious things are. Things got even more worse when the deceased flu victims began to rewake as zombies (naturally) and climbed from their cells into the sick bay, making more zombies and placing Hershel and Glenn in grave danger.

Thanks to the hapless assistance of Lizzie, the first flu victim gets led astray into the unknown parts of the prison, with the events more than likely prompting her to rethink her theory on zombies - that they are still human - after very nearly ending up on the dinner menu for Glenn's flu victim. To be honest, we really don't know what she was trying to achieve when she lured the zombie away (to who knows where), but her antics nearly got herself killed.

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The zombies almost breached the prison wall this week

Outside of the quarantine zones, Rick and Carl had their own zombie problem to contend with, as the amassing zombie hoard outside the prison grounds were beginning to make the perimeter walls buckle under their own weight. They way they dealt with the ensuing zombie hoard did prompt one question though, and that is 'why the heck doesn't anyone used automatic firearms against the zombies more often?' Seriously though, zombie control is a breeze when you have automatic weaponry, as the RC alliance showed us. Battling off the hoard, they were able to secure the fence once again, but for how long this time?

Back inside, it was up to Maggie to bust into the quarantine zone and save the day after hearing gunshots from out in the yard. By the time she got into the zombie-zone, Glenn and Hershel were in grave need of being saved and she managed to arrive just in time to rescue her father and deliver the essential medical equipment to Glenn before he choked to death on his own blood. A close call wold be an understatement.

As Sasha went around the zombie-free quarantine zone and administered the much needed medication salvaged by the foraging teams, there was a quiet sense around the prison that things could only get better from here. Still, with Daryl still clueless as to what happened with Carol last week, there might be internal strife on the horizon for the prison gang, strife that could have major repercussions all rounds, especially considering what we saw at the end of the episode.

The shadowy figure of The Governor graced the TV screen in the closing moments of the episode in a dialogue free scene. What could he be after this time? Could he be responsible for the recent spat of zombie attacks? Does he have more nefarious plans or is he back to seek redemption? We have at least one more week before we can find out and frankly we can't wait!

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