With 'The Walking Dead' viewers still sore about Glenn's death in episode three, some sort of explanation, or indeed confirmation, was needed. And it turns out we're still none the wiser come episode five: 'Now'. To make matters worse, everyone is totally losing faith.

Steven Yeun in The Walking DeadCircumstances surrounding Glenn's death are still up in the air

It seemed Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang had finally reached a safe haven at the beginning of the series in the form of Alexandria, but now the barricades have broken on that plan when the Wolves showed up and wrecked everything. They can't actually leave Alexandria without encountering the walkers and there's no word on what's happened to Glenn and the other members of his group. Episode four gave us some background on Morgan's (Lennie James) involvement in the whole series, but this is the first time since October that we've received an update on these troops' lives.

Lennie James and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking DeadAt least we know a little more about Morgan since episode 4

Poor Rick's doing his best to raise morale amongst the Alexandrians, though there's not much he can say or do to convince them that they're not doomed. Meanwhile Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is desperately worried about hubby Glenn (Steven Yeun), and so the guilty Aaron (who turns out to have accidentally led the Wolves to their home) agrees to help her find him via the sewage tunnel. Unfortunately, it seems the sewers is no longer a viable option for escaping Alexandria as yet more walkers have scuppered that route.

Ross Marquand in The Walking DeadAaron has some serious regrets about the Alexandria situation

There is some respite though; Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) certainly hasn't given up hope and Denise's (Merritt Wever) doctor skills are ever more miraculous despite their limited resources. Maggie, amazingly, will not believe Glenn is really dead (which is just as well because fans won't believe it either) but, rather tragically yet still kind of beautifully, it turns out she is pregnant with his kid. More romance is in the air too between Rick and the long-suffering Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), however as a last evil twist by show creators, it turns out their newly 'secured' hideout may not be as safe as it seemed.

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Episode six, 'Always Accountable', is set to air on November 15th 2015.