After four seasons of some pretty intense zombie action, The Walking Dead enters its fifth this October. And according to some of the stars of the show, The Walking Dead Season 5 opens with some NSFTV stuff. 

The Walking Dead season 4For those of you who don't remember what happened at the end of The Walking Dead season 4

"This episode is so disturbing," said actress Lauren Cohan whose character Maggie Greene spent the majority of season 4 fighting to find her husband, Glen. "Some of the the stuff they shot yesterday, I don't know if it'll make it to TV,” she added.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, was in total agreement with his co-star. He called the premiere "the most ambitious first episode I think we've ever attempted, “ adding:"It moves like no other premiere we shot before. If this is what we have to go by for the season, then I think this will be the best season yet."

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Fan favourite Norman Reedus, who plays the popular character Daryl, is as excited as anybody about the new season. He said: “These scripts are the best scripts so far, and I’m really just excited to be back at it. There are a lot of characters right now, so there are a lot of really different personalities on set.”

Of course, there’s still a while until The Walking Dead season 5 is upon us – it’s not airing until sometime in October. But fans of the show can catch up on all the gory details of the show this weekend. 

AMC’s “Dead, White and Blue” Weekend kicks off on Friday, July 4 at 9 AM ET with the pilot episode of The Walking Dead Season 1, which is entitled “Days Gone Bye.” The Walking Dead Season 2 marathon starts at 3:30 PM ET on Friday, July 4 with the Season 2 premiere, which is entitled “What Lies Ahead.” Will you watch them all?