It's been a gruelling season for Rick Grimes and friends so far in 'The Walking Dead', as they are forced to escape yet another so-called safe haven and finally discover where Beth has been held captive - but it seems there's yet more tragedy for this doomed group.

Emily Kinney in 'The Walking Dead' season 5
'Coda' saw a tragic end for Beth

Characters are disappearing faster than they are arriving in 'The Walking Dead' nowadays, with season 5 proving to be a particularly bloody affair. The midseason finale 'Coda' finally arrived yesterday (November 30th 2014), but once again left viewers with a lot more questions than answers.

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Having discovered that Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was being held at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, who ask for her services in payment for saving her life, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the group set out on yet another complicated rescue mission. Unfortunately for her, while it might've seemed for much of the episode that she was going to emerge a hero and a fighter, she was spectacularly shot dead by Officer Dawn after she injured her with a pair of scissors. Bad call for Beth - although she did do it in a bid to help her new friend Noah, so kudos to her.

Andrew Lincoln in 'The Walking Dead' season 5
Rick Grimes faces more tragedy in season 5 finale

It was the end of a very bad day for Rick who already had enough blood on his hands after killing Bob and having to deal with Father Gabriel's (Seth Gilliam) idiocy when he set loose a whole bunch of Walkers right into the supposed sanctuary that was his church. Though all was well after that, it's revealed that Carol (Melissa McBride) was also kidnapped by the Grady workers, and even though Rick and the group had kidnapped some of hospital's people with the idea to swap hostages, things took a dramatic turn. Nothing is ever straight-forward in a zombie apocalypse.

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A shocking midseason finale to a thrilling story then, and it's safe to assume that fans will be even more eagerly awaiting season 6.

Norman Reedus in 'The Walking Dead' season 5