The latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been released and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The opening shot of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man free-falling through New York is the visual equivalent of a roller coaster, thrilling and putting you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the trailer.

The Amazing Spider Man 2The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The CGI used looks to be the most impressive of all Spider-Man movies so far (including the unceremoniously halted McGuire movies). The trailer doesn’t have the darkness of recent superhero movies, Peter Parker isn’t brooding and troubled like Nolan’s The Dark Knight or Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. “You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man?” Garfield asks as the trailer opens, “Everything.”

It’s the lightness to Spider-Man that makes his character so appealing. He may be the only superhero out there who doesn’t go home at night, overcome with melancholia and wishing he had a normal life. Spider-Man’s wit, a crucial element of the Marvel comic books, comes across freely and organically in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Peter Parker The Amazing Spider Man 2Peter Parker's Very Messy Room in 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'

From the looks of things Marvel is beginning to develop the relationship between Parker and his future rival Harry Osborn. When asked what he’s done with himself since their school days, Parker tells his old friend, “I do some web design.”  

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The trailer also gives us a glimpse at Green Goblin 2.0, although it slyly gives little away about who the man behind the goblin is. We’ll take a stab in the dark that it’s Harry, who do you think it is? The chaps at Sony/Columbia have expressed intentions to develop the Spider-Man characters who they own the rights to, does this mean spin-off movies? The new villains, Electro and Rhino, played by Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti respectively, could make for interesting side stories.

Jamie Foxx The Amazing Spider Man 2Jamie Foxx Plays Electro in 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'

We have to admit we were disappointed that Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, is mostly benched throughout the trailer, unless you count fleeting shots of a blonde head being passionately kissed. When she finally gets some substantial air time, right at the end of the trailer, she is quickly and swiftly to be subdued by Spider-Man. When trying to help her man save the world he quickly squirts some web at her, attaching her hands to a vehicle so she can’t follow him. Symbolic or just a bad cut? Her final line in the trailer is to call after Spider-Man, using his real name, potentially revealing his identity. Pah, stupid woman, you say.  Well, it's certainly how she's presented.  We hope that Gwen isn’t reduced to the role in inconvenient wench in the whole movie.

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What do you think of the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer?