If you’ve ever thought Spider-Man on the big screen was just a little too boring or ‘safe’, then we could just be about to explain why. In the latest round of leaked Sony emails the long list of contractual obligations that the Spider-Man character allegedly must meet for film is revealed, including that he must always be white, male and heterosexual.

Spider-manAndrew Garfield played the most recent incarnation of Spider-man on the big screen.

The published emails reportedly start by listing the superhero’s ‘mandatory character traits’, which the character ‘must always strictly conform to’. The list includes him being a white, male who does not abuse alcohol, does not smoke tobacco, does not sell/distribute illegal drugs, does not use foul language beyond PG-13, does not have sex before the age of 16 and is not a homosexual.

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But there’s more. the email goes on to list character traits of the superhero's alter-ego Peter Parker which includes most of his famous backstory (from New York City, raised by Auntie May and Uncle Ben, ect), but goes on to reiterate that he must be caucasian and heterosexual.

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What makes it all the more interesting is that, according to E! News, the contract went into effect in September 2011, shortly after a black-latino Spider-Man was introduced in the comic book world. After their release, a social media campaign was launched to get black actor Donald Glover cast in the new Spider-Man movies in the role that eventually went to Andrew Garfield.