Andrew Garfield is ''campaigning'' for a Harry Styles biopic.

The 'Amazing Spiderman' actor has joked that his new hairstyle, the 'man bun' made popular by the One Direction star, is proof that he is gearing up to play the singer in a film about his life.

He said: ''I'm petitioning. I'm campaigning, subliminally. Just, like... is his life full and rich enough to have a biopic done about it yet? It's time. He's what, 21? It's time. You've got me.''

However, joking aside, the 32-year-old star - who is sporting the hair do for a film - has admitted he hates the style as well as his moustache.

Speaking to MTV News, he shared: ''I hate [the bun]. I absolutely hate it. Hair is hair, it's fine - I don't have anything against hair specifically. It's more the furor that surrounds it ... it's stupid. But I had to grow my hair out for a film that I did recently, and I haven't cut it, because I'm scared the next film I do, I have to have a certain haircut. Stop pressuring me!

''And also, I think there's something - because I have a moustache right now as well - I don't think they look good on me, these things. I think that's probably one of the reasons why I like keeping them, because we're in a culture right now which is - everyone has an opinion. I know that people don't like how I look. It's like a repellent.''