British actor Andrew Garfield recently travelled to Ethiopia as the new ambassador for a global charity for orphans.
The Amazing Spider-Man star has teamed up with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (Wof) to help reach out to orphans in underprivileged countries, and he's already visited Haiti and Africa with the organisation.
Garfield has worked with Wof founder Dr. Jane Aronson to develop sport programmes for the youngsters, which he hopes will enhance their development.
He says, "We started talking about sport and the sense of achievement it can bring, the sense of self-worth it can bring, the sense of community and working as a unit... My happiest moments have been shared with the work that we've done together so far. It's wonderful to feel responsible for other human beings and to understand that we're all going through the same collective experience."
And the 28 year old admits his work with impoverished children has taken on a more profound meaning since he became an uncle to two nephews.
He adds, "My brother had twin boys recently, and these boys are loved. Harry and Josh were coming into the world at the same time as I was interacting with kids in Ethiopia and Haiti. It was profoundly upsetting to see the contrast and the unjustness of it. The unjustness of a defenceless child's birthright being stripped of them (sic)."