Andrew Garfield admits it was "very fun" lying about his role in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

The 38-year-old actor reprised his role as the web-slinger alongside fellow Peter Parker Tobey Maguire and their successor Tom Holland in the Marvel blockbuster, but the trio had to keep the big surprise under wraps until the movie hit the big screen.

He told The Wrap: "It was like this massive game of Werewolf that I was playing with journalists and with people guessing, and it was very fun.

"There were moments where I was like, ‘God, I hate lying.’ I don’t like to lie and I’m not a good liar, but I kept framing it as a game.

"And I kept imagining myself purely as a fan of that character, which is not hard to do... I placed myself in that position of, well, what would I want to know? Would I want to be toyed with? Would I want to be lied to?

"Would I want to be kept on my toes guessing? Would I want to discover it when I went to the theater? Would I want to be guessing, guessing, guessing?"

In the end, Andrew realised he'd want to "lose [his] mind" while watching the movie, rather than knowing all along what was going to happen.

He added: "I would want the actor to do an incredibly good job at convincing me he wasn’t in it. And then I would want to lose my mind in the theater when my instinct was proven right. That’s what I would want.”

Fans were delighted to see three generations of the character united on the big screen, and many are even calling for Garfield to return and complete his own standalone trilogy, having starred in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'.

He recently said: "I mean, yes, definitely open to something if it felt right. Peter and Spider-Man, those characters are all about service, to the greater good and the many.

"He’s a working-class boy from Queens that knows struggle and loss and is deeply empathetic.

"I would try to borrow Peter Parker’s ethical framework in that, if there was an opportunity to step back in and tell more of that story, I would have to feel very sure and certain in myself.”