Andrew Garfield has earned some serious brownie points with his latest stunt – an organized outing with Batkid. On Monday, March 3, the Spider-Man star took the young leukemia survivor, who made international news after the entire town of San Francisco got mobilized by the Make-A-Wish foundation to make him a real-life superhero, out to Disneyland. Batkid was originally intended to meet with Spider-Man on stage during Sunday night’s Academy Awards, reports.

Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man Set
Spider-Man met Batman (Kid) in the most touching comics crossover ever.

It would have been a touching meeting, during which five-year-old Miles Scott, known as Batkid, would be made an official superhero. The skit was cut from the live prize-giving on Sunday (02Mar14), and Garfield was a no-show at the high-profile event, sparking false reports suggesting he had dropped out of the gig and snubbed the little boy.

Five-year-old Miles first came into the spotlight when he rescued San Fran from a group of super villains last year.

Later in the week, a Member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts cleared the air, explaining that the segment was cut purely because of time constraints. The spokesperson said: "Due to the nature of a live show, hard decisions sometimes must be made which require the Academy to cut segments due to the logistics of production. "Andrew Garfield understood that his segment had to be omitted, and he drove to Disneyland on Monday to spend time with five-year-old Miles Scott and his family." Most importantly, Andrew Garfield didn’t snub Miles and the boy got his wish (the second one) after all.