At nearly four minutes long, the latest trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 packed in as much action as the Superbowl when the full length version finally debuted on Sunday. The clip has given us some answers along with more questions, plenty of gasps and even a few laughs as we prepared for the latest Spider-Man instalment. So here’s what we learnt from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-ManAndrew Garfield as Spider-Man finds a new enemy in Electro

What does Peter Parker love about being Spider-Man? Everything.
Maybe he’s speaking too soon, but while sitting, looking out on New York we hear Peter Parker say, "you know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything.” Whilst job satisfaction is usually a good thing you cant help but worry about what’s to come for our geeky hero.

Superheroes get the worst groupies.
You’d expect Spider-Man to have to deal with his fair share of hero worshippers, but after saving Max Dillon, played by the fantastic Jamie Foxx, Spider-Man is left with the most fanatical of all fanboys who not only worships the masked hero but is heard repeating. “I wish I was like him.” Which leads us into…

The shock of Electro.
It doesn't take that long for Max Dillion’s wish to be more like his hero to come true, but not in the way he'd of hoped. The birth of Electro is revealed as we see Foxx’s character falling into a pool of water brimming with electric eels. He then takes his frustration out on a crowded Times Square and comes face to face with his former hero and now nemesis, Spider-Man.

Jamie Foxx as the former Max Dillon, now ElektroJamie Foxx as the former Max Dillon, now Electro

Enemies really have united.
That was the trailer’s title and they weren't kidding. Seemingly under the watchful eye of Harry Osborn, or  the Green Goblin we see Electro and Rhino team up, with Electro saying, “let’s go catch a spider.”

There’s a lot more still to know
Though the trailer gave plenty of answers to some of our most burning Spider-Man questions, there’s still a lot we dont know. Such as the fate of Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone. Rumors have been going around that she is to be killed off - the trailer doesn't answer that but there is a perhaps telling scene with Peter screaming in agony.

We're yet to learn the fate of Gwen Stacy, played by Emma StonePeter Parker [L] and Gwen Stacy [R]

One thing's for sure this latest installemnrt of the Spider-Man franchise looks like the most exciting and action packed yet. However this trailer will have to be enough for fans for now, as Amazing Spider-Man 2 does not hit US theatres until May 2nd.

Watch the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 below: