The Amazing-Spider Man 2 is out in the UK on April 16, more than two weeks ahead of its US premiere. However, thanks to the magic of press screenings, the reviews for it have already made their way online – most of them positive.

Amazing Spider-Man 2
Jamie Foxx's character seems to be a major selling point of the movie.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Leslie Felperin is mostly impressed with Garfield’s second outing with Spider-Man, even if the film is a bit too packed with villains. “The eponymous hero hits his super-heroic stride here, as does Andrew Garfield in the role, especially when Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker learns there's always some fine print in a contract with this many benefits,” Felperin writes. “Likeable as a lollipop” Emma Stone also gets a commendation, as does Jamie Foxx, playing a perfectly maniacal, pushed to the brink Electro: “Even under all the prosthetic make-up and visual effects, Foxx manages to project a literally white-hot rage and damaged psyche that threatens to upstage the core romantic plot about Peter and Gwen's relationship.”

Watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer below: