Moviemaker Andrew Douglas is demanding more than $670,000 (£447,000) in damages from his ex-wife after learning the daughter they shared is not his biological child.
The Amityville Horror director has filed papers in a Manhattan, New York court claiming Ameena Meer deliberately misled him about the paternity of her daughter.
The pair met in London in 1989 and they embarked on a casual relationship together. Meer is alleged to have told Douglas she was pregnant with his child in 1992 and they married in August of that year before she gave birth to a little girl the following February (93).
They split just months later and the director claims he paid Meer maintenance money towards the tot's upbringing but had "little physical contact during her early years" which caused him "emotional distress", according to the court papers.
Douglas admits he bonded with the child more when he moved to California in 2005, but he became suspicious about his link to the youngster after the girl asked him about his blood type last summer (09).
Meer laughed off his concerns, but last September (09) the moviemaker took a test which is alleged to have shown "the probability of paternity is zero per cent".
Douglas filed suit claiming damages of $671,991 (£447,994), the amount he has paid in child support - but still wants to remain in contact with the now-teenage child, according to the New York Daily News.
Meer has hit back at the lawsuit, branding it "inaccurate" and adding: "If he wants to be her father, he should provide for her. Isn't that what's fair?"
Douglas had not commented on the lawsuit as WENN went to press.