Review of Soldier On EP by Andrew Bird

EP review of 'Soldier On' by Andrew Bird released through Fargo.

Andrew Bird Soldier On EP

There are a few names in music today that really aren't praised enough for their contributions, Andrew Bird is one of those fine artists that seems to pass over most peoples radar.

Bird is often compared to Jeff Buckley, who rose to fame after his tragic demise, Bird creates the same passion and vision in his music with the same power of delivery but musically, it must be said Bird's songwriting is stronger.

Soldier On consists of 8 tracks and it's more of an EP rather than a full length album, the EP features some lesser known tracks, some remixes and some quite intriguing changes in direction like opening track 'The Trees Were Mistaken' which shows a rockier side to his music, along the lines of a great Iron and Wine song. Another standout track includes 'How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm' it's a melancholic song that recalls Mark Kozelek or Damien Jurado.

It's a shame 'Soldier On' is such a short album, but it will keep us listening until he's ready to deliver his next full length album.

Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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