Opera superstar Andrea Bocelli is using his celebrity status to help sell a wine made by former prisoners in Italy.

The Italian tenor is supporting a company called Frescobaldi and its Gorgona 2013 wine range. The beverage is produced on the island of Gorgona in Tuscany, and is made with the help of ex-inmates from a local prison.

The project aimed to give 50 prisoners who have finished serving time work experience and lessons on wine production.

Bocelli is helping promote the range by writing a message and signing a label for the company, and he says in a statement, "This project entwines two of my passions; the vineyard of course, but also the Tuscan archipelago, a true paradise on Earth. Gorgona, the most enchanting of the islands and yet the one that has suffered the most, is worthy of such enterprising and visionary projects. Like this one, to which I gladly offer my support."

Frescobaldi's Gorgona wine can be purchased in Italy, the U.S., Germany and Asia.