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12th August 2015

Quote: "I'm not gonna do it again. The idea of marriage is beautiful. It's the divorce part that I'm gonna avoid." Single actress Andie MacDowell has no plans to wed for a third time. The Four Weddings and a Funeral star's second union to businessman Rhett Hartzog ended in 2004 after three years, while she was previously married to former model Paul Qualley, the father of her three children.

19th September 2014

Fact: Actress Andie MacDowell is joining the cast of the upcoming sequel to male stripper film Magic Mike. The Four Weddings and a Funeral star has been tapped for Magic Mike Xxl, the follow-up to the 2012 drama starring Channing Tatum.

20th March 2013

Quote: "I dated a guy recently who looked at me up close and goes, 'You look really good for your age'. I was just like, 'Why not, (just) you look really good...' He was an idiot. I never went out with him again." Four Weddings And A Funeral star Andie MacDowell on a recent date that went badly.

16th September 2012

Quote: "I think there is sexy and then there's tacky sexy. When you're young, you can get away with being tacky sexy. But when you get older, it's just tacky." Actress Andie MacDowell prefers a more sophisticated and classy look now she's more mature.

9th December 2011

Fact: Andie MacDowell's daughter Rainey Qualley has been chosen as Miss Golden Globe 2012. The role requires her to help winners off-stage at the event on 15 December (12). Previous Miss Golden Globes have included Melanie Griffith, Laura Dern and Rumer Willis.

1st June 2009

Quote: "I feel sexier now than I did then: it's what's in my head that's sexier. If I could go back and be in my 25-year-old body with my head, boy, would I be dangerous." Andie MacDowell still feels attractive as a 51-year-old.

17th March 2009

Fact: Actress Andie MacDowell's 16-year-old model daughter, RAINEY, will appear alongside her mother in a new ad campaign for cosmetics brand L'Oreal.

20th April 2007

Quote: "I don't care about being hot anymore; I want to climb mountains for the rest of my life." Four Weddings + A Funeral star Andie MacDowell has her priorities in life.

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