Actress Andie MacDowell is ignoring pressure from her friends to start dating again because she's so happy on her own.
The Golden Globe-winning star split from her second husband, businessman Rhett Hartzog, in 2004 and she's refused to start a serious relationship since.
MACDowell, who has one son and two daughters from her first marriage to model Paul Qualley, has found inner-happiness through yoga and insists she is content without romance in her life.
But her friends are so concerned about the Four Weddings and a Funeral actress staying single, they are constantly urging her to find a new man.
MACDowell says, "I think it's their discomfort with you being single. Now, though, I like being single. I took a sabbatical. I took time to discover who I really am. I think you make so many sacrifices in a relationship to be who they want you to be that you lose track of who you are.
"It was during yoga that I started thinking about the things about myself that I really enjoy. It's ok to be alone."