Andie MacDowell says smiling is the secret to looking young.

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star has revealed she tries to stay positive as she thinks her ''feelings affect her face''.

She said: ''I try to stay calm. I work on my state of mind. I work on my thoughts and feelings - as well as the outside of me - because I think it's all connected.

''It's interesting how your feelings affect your face and your expression and the muscles in your face. I try to stay happy.''

The 57-year-old beauty has no qualms about getting older and just wants to ''appreciate the fact that she's alive''.

She added: ''[I want to] grow older and be active and have fun. I want to be able to give myself a break as I get older.

''I think we're always so hard on ourselves. I hope I can laugh and just appreciate the fact that I'm alive, and be with good people.''

Andie also insisted she avoids too much alcohol as it dries her skin.

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''I try not to drink. I will have wine, but I don't drink beer much. It dries your skin out.

''But it's just not something I need. I'm already kind of high as it is.''