Andie MacDowell says ''there is life after divorce.''

The 'Magic Mike XXL' actress, who has been divorced twice in the past, has reportedly urged recently separated Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to try to move past any anger they may have towards each other as fast as they possibly can.

Asked if she had any advice for the former couple, the 57-year-old star told ''It's really hard. It's not an easy transition. I think that the sooner you can let go of any anger, the better off you are. I think anger really kills you, it's a really negative energy, it doesn't hurt anybody but yourself, it eats you up.

''As fast as you can, resolve your own personal anger, and find your own peace of mind. There is life after divorce.''

Andie split from her first husband Paul Qualley, with whom she has three daughters, in 1999 after 13 years of marriage and her second spouse Rhett Hartzog in 2004 after three years together.

The 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' beauty recently admitted she is open to dating younger men, but thinks the word 'cougar' is ''offensive''.

She said: ''I find it offensive. There's this notion that as men get older they become more handsome, so therefore they can have younger women, but there is no reality to that obviously - it's just another way to disempower women.

''[Women] have been disempowered for so long and I think that it's finally our time. And if we want to date a guy that's 20 years younger than we are then we definitely have that same right, just like any man does. I dare any 57-year-old man to tell me that he looks younger than me.''