Anastacia wrote her new single 'Take This Chance' on Skype in a hotel room.

The 47-year-old singer put together the track - which is out now and will feature on her upcoming album 'Ultimate Collection' - while on tour during a video call with one of her co-writers as her family looked on in the room.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''My sister, my brother and my mother were in my hotel room getting their hair done and I'm on a Skype call with my co-writer finishing the song 'Take This Chance'.''

Proving just how little she needs to produce phenomenal work, the 'I'm Outta Love' hitmaker has admitted she penned the track on pieces of scrap paper she found on the dressing table in her hired bedroom.

She explained: ''I was taking all these little pieces of paper from the side of the hotel and writing down notes. That's where all my lyrics are.''

'Take This Chance' was co-written with David Guetta, Justin Bieber collaborator Jacob Luttrell, Cait La Dee aka Caitlin Morris, Steve Diamond and Johan Carlsson - who has previously worked with One Direction and Ella Henderson.

The 'Ultimate Collection' - which is packed with Anastacia's greatest hits from across her entire 15-year career - is out on November 6.

Anastacia 'Ultimate Collection' official tracklisting:

1. 'I'm Outta Love'

2. 'Left Outside Alone'

3. 'Sick and Tired'

4. 'Paid My Dues'

5. 'Stupid Little Things'

6. 'Not That Kind'

7. 'Everything Burns with Ben Moody'

8. 'Welcome To My Truth'

9. 'You'll Never Be Alone'

10. 'Pieces Of A Dream'

11. 'Best Of You'

12. 'Heavy On My Heart'

13. 'One Day In Your Life'

14. 'Cowboys & Kisses'

15. 'Why'd You Lie To Me'

16. 'Love Is A Crime'

17. 'I Belong to You (El Ritmo de la Pasion)'

18. 'Army Of Me'

19. 'Take This Chance'